Bus Ministry

Driven by compassion and a desire to reach the unreachable, our church bus ministry extends the love of Christ beyond the church walls, into the hearts and homes of those who may not otherwise have access to transportation.  Through relief le transportation services, genuine care, and intentional outreach efforts, we seek to break down barriers, build bridges, and create opportunities for individuals and families to experience the life-changing power of God's love.  We aim to bring hope, encouragement, and a sense of belonging, as we journey together toward a deeper relationship with Christ and one another.

Homeless Ministry

Driven by compassion and a commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves, our homeless outreach ministry seeks to provide practical support, essential resources, and a message of hope to individuals experiencing homelessness.  Through acts of service, advocacy, and relationship-building, we strive to restore dignity, empower self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of homelessness, embodying Christ's love and transforming lives one person at a time.