5K Course Rules & Regulations

 Course Rules & Regulations

  1. A 5K run is 3.1 miles.
  2. You will not be allowed on the course before the official start.
  3. You may not participate with another participant's bib number.
  4. You must obey all directions by course monitors, police and safety personnel.
  5. Unregistered participants, unauthorized vehicles, skateboards, roller skates and in-line skates or other motorized devices are not allowed.
  6. No pets or animals allowed on the course.
  7. You are welcome to wear headphones.
  8. For your safety and the safety of others, please allow room for faster individuals to pass you.  If you are running or walking with friends, please do not line-up more than two abreast.
  9. Race officials may cancel, delay or change the race to a no-scored event in case of extreme weather or other conditions that may affect the safety and health of the participants.  In the event of cancellation, no refunds will be issued.
  10. The principles of good sportsmanship may or may not be written into the race's rules, but even if not stated explicitly they're always expected.  Basically, treat others with respect and you'll be guaranteed an enjoyable race experience.
  11. Often, race registration fees are nonrefundable, and registration fees typically increase the closer you get to race day.

Starting the Race

Many of the rules related to a 5K and other distance races relate to course etiquette.  Line up based on how rapidly you plan to run or walk.  If you're slow, move to the back of the pack.  Heed the instructions, such as remaining inside traffic cones, running on the right and obeying course marshals who keep runners going in the right direction.  Ensure your number is pinned on the front of your shirt.  If you drop something immediately after the start, don't stop to retrieve it.  That could cause a pileup of runners, and injuries could result.  

 Handling Situations Along the Way

If you must spit or throw up, move to the side of the road.  If some bodily function cannot wait, get off the course and look for a potable toilet--  or, if necessary, a large clump of bushes.  When Stopping at an aid station, grab the water and move away quickly to let others get their share.  Dispose of the cup or plastic bottle within a short distance so volunteers can retrieve it.  If another runner calls out that he's coming through, get out of the way.  And if your shoelace comes undone or you need to stop for any other reason, move to the side of the road in the interest of safety.

Reaching the Finish Line

Heed race officials' instructions as you get near the end.  You may be asked to stay left or right.  Discourage friends from running the last portion of the race with you as moral support.  But if one does, make sure they do not cross the finish line.  Get them off the course before the end.  Show true sportsmanship and congratulate other runners who either beat you or came in right behind you.